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Private Equity & VC Firms

PE & Venture Capital Firms have unique business objectives & requirements that focus on EBITDA, valuation and certain risk tolerances that coincide with their investment strategies.


ARO understands these requirements and works within these parameters to direct technology, security, risk and cost programs that will have the greatest impact on operations, efficiency and value for sale.




Large companies often have large complex IT projects, distressed projects, sprawling IT costs, shadow IT spend, and concerns about security and compliance.


With decades of experience working in global companies across multiple industries, ARO is well suited to help bring a holistic perspective and provide the resources and expertise needed to ensure successful outcomes.

Small Mid-Size Business

SMBs often have special needs in their approach, requirements and business focus.


ARO has deep experience working with small and midsize businesses. We understand the challenge that resource and budget constraints can have on accomplishing key initiatives. We select right-fit solutions to get programs started or back on track while managing costs and risks.

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