Our Approach

Unlike traditional consultants, Arō doesn’t just advise, we execute. Combining business acumen with technical expertise, Arō is the rapid-deployment team that delivers results.

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The Arō Framework


We hit the ground running to resolve problems and move stalled projects forward fast.


Our focus is on the most effective way to achieve the end result.


We develop and execute strategies to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

Other Consultants


Provide lots of plans and discussion, but little to no execution
Fully develops and executes strategies with a hands-on approach
Focus on tracking and reporting while projects become stagnant
Focuses on the most effective way to achieve the end result
Lack the leadership needed to get derailed projects back on track
Delivers strong leadership to quickly drive projects forward for greater ROI
Don’t understand how to communicate with C-Level Executives and internal teams
Works directly with the C-Suite and internal teams to provide unbiased insight
Offer limited investment knowledge and technical expertise
Provides in-depth understanding of investment  strategy and managing global budgets
Lack insider knowledge and authority with technical vendors
Sources vetted vendors to provide optimized technical solutions within your budget
Often shy away from challenging situations
Takes full ownership of complex projects


Large businesses are often stalled by complicated projects and enormous IT costs. With decades of experience working with global companies, Arō brings a holistic business perspective and the resources needed to improve efficiency and take your enterprise to the next level.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms

With a focus on EBITDA, valuation, and risk tolerances, PE and VC firms have unique business objectives. With a background in investment strategy, the Arō team understands the needs of these firms in order to optimize operations and increase value.


Arō knows the ever-changing cybersecurity needs that small to medium-sized businesses face. From making policy updates to maintaining compliance, the Arō team helps SMBs stay secure.

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Arō’s relationships at the executive level and understanding of executive objectives was instrumental in aligning teams and driving project success.

Without the project management efforts from Arō, the ability for us to meet the objectives, stay within budget, and deliver the project on-time would have been very difficult likely resulting in client satisfaction issues. Thank you for taking the often overlooked role of project management and turning it into a strategic advantage for client and partner.

Jason Shapot
Business Development Executive, SoftwareONE

The Arō team did an excellent job for Net Health on a number of very difficult projects at a critical time in our business.

Their project management and IT expertise were an invaluable combination of skills that allowed them to be effective across our entire organization and externally, when needed. I especially appreciated their communication with me as an executive leader in the business.

Patrick Rooney
CFO, Net Health

Leading a high-growth organization requires that you have partners that can scale with your business.

ARO became a trusted member of my team focused on project leadership for our most crucial digital transformation projects while focusing on cost optimization to ensure our budget goals were met.

Jason James
CIO, Net Health

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Arō’s team jumps in to deliver strong leadership to drive projects forward, while our  hands-on approach ensures we’re able to adapt quickly to challenging situations.