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Accelerate and manage complex projects from start to finish with Arō’s fractional project management team.

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More Than Project Management

Multiple, large-scale projects can quickly become derailed and stagnant. Countless projects run concurrently with no clear understanding of where each project stands or when it will be completed.

You need a leader to get projects back on track and completed fast. Arō works directly with C-level executives and internal teams to quickly drive projects forward for greater ROI.

Not your typical project managers, we provide decades of IT Leadership and Digital Transformation experience to develop strategies, make decisions, and deliver real change to your business.

How We Help

Project Leadership process

IT Project Portfolio Management

You need an expert team that can do it all. From resource capacity planning and IT budgeting to stakeholder/vendor management, Arō manages your IT project portfolio to provide the clarity needed to make effective decisions and drive ROI.

  • IT Project Management
  • Resource Capacity Planning
  • IT Budgeting
  • Portfolio Reporting
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Vendor Management

ERP Implementation

From managing finances and payment systems to handling HR and sales, ERP implementation can be incredibly complicated. The Arō team plans, configures and deploys ERP solutions that improve accuracy and accessibility and optimize your company’s day-to-day operations.

Cloud Migration

Don’t get left behind. Migrating your company’s assets to the cloud can provide new opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and speed. Arō expertly oversees cloud migration and data center consolidation for clients and their customers, while ensuring your business stays secure and compliant.

  • DCloud Migration
  • Data Center Consolidation

Crisis Management & Resolution

In the face of a crisis, it’s crucial to handle critical situations swiftly and effectively. Whether for your own firm or for client-facing escalations, Arō works quickly to mitigate the problem and determine the best course of action.

Merger & Acquisition Support

With so many crucial details involved in a merger or acquisition, you need an experienced strategic partner to ensure a smooth transaction. From post-acquisition integrations to IT carve-outs and due diligence, Arō offers full support to our clients.

  • Post-Acquisition Integrations
  • IT Carve-Outs
  • IT Due Diligence

The Benefits of Fractional Project Managers

Strong Leadership


Investment Strategy & Technical Experience


An Extension of Your Team


Transparent Perspective



We quickly get up to speed and evaluate the current state of your project including its requirements, constraints, resources, budget, and timeline.



We rapidly deploy our experienced team of Project Leaders to integrate with your team, enhance project communication and visibility at all levels, and ultimately drive the project forward.



Razor-focused on completing the project, our Project Leaders develop and execute strategies designed to deliver results while providing full transparency throughout the project.

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Arō’s relationships at the executive level and understanding of executive objectives was instrumental in aligning teams and driving project success.

Without the project management efforts from Arō, the ability for us to meet the objectives, stay within budget, and deliver the project on-time would have been very difficult likely resulting in client satisfaction issues. Thank you for taking the often overlooked role of project management and turning it into a strategic advantage for client and partner.

Jason Shapot
Business Development Executive, SoftwareONE

The Arō team did an excellent job for Net Health on a number of very difficult projects at a critical time in our business.

Their project management and IT expertise were an invaluable combination of skills that allowed them to be effective across our entire organization and externally, when needed. I especially appreciated their communication with me as an executive leader in the business.

Patrick Rooney
CFO, Net Health

Leading a high-growth organization requires that you have partners that can scale with your business.

ARO became a trusted member of my team focused on project leadership for our most crucial digital transformation projects while focusing on cost optimization to ensure our budget goals were met.

Jason James
CIO, Net Health

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